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Place an order with RightAngle™ Products


Products can be purchased through one of our approved RightAngle™ dealerships located throughout the U.S.

Follow the steps outlined below to place your order with a RightAngle™ dealer. Click here for more details.

Find Your Rep

Using our locator, connect with the RightAngle™ Rep in your area. They will help you find a local dealership.

Have trouble contacting your rep, our Customer Service team is happy to assist. 

Talk to A Dealer
Talk with the sales staff at your local dealership about which products you'd like to purchase from RightAngle™. 
Get a Quote

Quotes are not required for all orders. However, if you'd like to place an order for a custom project or high volume quantities, you will need one.

To get a quote, contact the Customer Service team at or 800.298.4351. 

Send Purchase Order

To place the order, send a P.O. to Once reviewed & approved, Customer Service will send an order acknowledgement.

RightAngle™ Rep

We have independent RightAngle™ Reps located throughout the country. They can help you find the best RightAngle™ furniture dealership in your area. Find yours here. 

If you're having trouble connecting with your area's rep, please reach out to our Customer Service team. 

RightAngle™ Dealer

A dealership must have submitted an application and be approved within our system to place an order.

Do you need to confirm you're a dealer? Confirm your discount? Contact the Customer Service team; they'd be happy to help.

Not already an approved RightAngle™ dealer? No problem. Connect with the rep in your area, and they can help get you set up. You will be required to complete an application and send in a copy of your reseller certificate.

Get a Quote

For standard orders, a quote is not required. However, a quote is required if you want to place an order for a custom or high volume project. Only dealers and RightAngle™ reps are able to request quotes.

How can I get a quote?

Dealers can contact Customer Service via phone at 800.298.4351 or email at Be sure to clearly outline what you're looking for.

For custom projects, we strongly recommend you include any layouts or drawings (can be hand drawn) of the configuration, requested products, and applicable dimensions. 

For orders including Acrylic Shields, please provide the room layout even if you are using standard sized panels. This will help make sure your quote and future order are accurate.

Purchase Order

To place an order, a dealership is required to send in a purchase order to Orders CANNOT be accepted over the phone. 

If a GSA order, please Customer Service for a government order form.

The P.O. should include the following:

  • Billing address
  • Shipping address
  • Product Model/Part #s with qty.
  • Pricing for each product
  • Finishes for each product
  • Freight or minimum order charge (if applicable)
  • P.O. #
  • Quote # (if applicable)
  • Spiff Name or # (if applicable)

If a dealership requires a copy of our W-9 before sending in the P.O., email to request one.

What happens after the P.O. is sent?

Once a P.O. is sent to, Customer Service will review it. If any changes or adjustments are required, they will contact you with questions and request a revised P.O.

After a purchase order is approved, Customer Service will send an order acknowledgement.

Order Acknowledgement

Customer Service will send the dealer an order acknowledgement once the P.O. has been approved. 

It will include: 

  • Billing address
  • Shipping address
  • Product Model/Part #s with qty.
  • Pricing for each product
  • Finishes for each product
  • Freight or minimum order charge (if applicable)
  • P.O. #
  • Acknowledgement #
  • Order Date
  • Estimated ship date
  • Payment terms

Lead Time

Product lead times begin once a P.O. has been both submitted AND approved. Confirmed order lead time will be outlined in the order acknowledgement. 

Freight & Special Services

See our Freight Policy for more information. Freight charges will be included with quotes and order acknowledgements. 

Only standard freight is included in quote. If special services are required, please inform customer service. 

Tariff Fees or Charges

Any and all tariff fees or charges have already been factored in our product pricing. They will not be passed along to the customer upon quote.