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Camille Knighton3/2/20223 min read

Use Voice Control & Mobile App with Your Standing Desk

*Updated 1/14/2020

What if you could control your sit stand desk with a Siri or Google simple voice command?

RightAngle Products has recently announced a new product that is the first within our industry - a mobile application that utilizes voice control to change desk positions.

Control your standing desk using voice commands + mobile app

The NewHeights mobile app allows users to control and manage their NewHeights standing desk directly from their mobile device. The application has many features, but the most notable is its integration with the intelligent assistants for both Apple and Android mobile devices. That integration enables users to change the height of a standing desk with only a voice command.

Additional features of RightAngle’s mobile app include:

  • Four programmable desk heights
  • Receive notifications from Activity Assistant to remind you to stand up
  • Pair with one or more workstations
  • Auto-connect
  • Container stop programming (upper & lower)
  • Gyro sensitivity settings
  • Easy table reset (if power is lost)
  • Option to name paired desks
  • Choose between imperial or metric for desk height


How can I purchase the Bluetooth Mobile App from RightAngle?

The NewHeights mobile app can be downloaded for free in the App Store (Apple iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android). The app-compatible control boxes come standard on most NewHeights 2 column electric standing desks.

If you are looking to make an existing NewHeights electric standing desk compatible with the mobile app, contact your RightAngle rep, RightAngle dealer, or our Customer Service team.

You can contact Customer Service by calling 800.298.4351 or emailing


How much does the NewHeights mobile app cost?

The NewHeights mobile app is free to download in both the App Store (Apple iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android).

Most of the NewHeights electric two column and three column standing desks come standard with the app-compatible control box, so there is no additional charge. 

For those looking to upgrade an existing NewHeights workstation, the app-compatible control box currently has a list price of $399.

*Please note that desks currently equipped with the LOGICDATA control box will also need to purchase a new switch and power cord in addition to the updated control box.

To upgrade an existing NewHeights desk, contact Customer Service by calling 800.298.4351 or emailing

Which standing desks are compatible with voice control and the NewHeights mobile app?



The app is only compatible with RightAngle’s NewHeights desks that are equipped with the new Bluetooth control boxes. Conference tables and desks with more than 3 columns are NOT compatible with the voice control feature of the app.

Request the Bluetooth control box for upcoming projects. If you'd like to upgrade to the app-compatible control box for an existing NewHeights desk, please contact Customer Service at


Is the NewHeights app available for iOS and Android users?

Yes! The NewHeights mobile app is available to download for free in both the App Store (Apple iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android).

Download the app on more than just your Apple or Android mobile phone. It's also available on other devices including: iPod, iPad, Android mobile devices, and other Android + Google Play compatible devices. 


Can I connect with more than one sit stand desk within the app?

A single user is able to pair with one or more desks, but can only be paired with one desk at a time. The auto-connect feature will connect to a paired desk when your device is within proximity of the Bluetooth signal.


How many desk height positions can I program into the NewHeights app?

You can program up to four different height positions per desk.


Which Siri / Google commands can I use to move my standing desk?




Voice commands for each programmed height position is entirely customizable. You can even associate more than one voice command for the same height position.

Example: For your sitting position, you can program the phrases "sit down," "I want to sit," "sit," or even "let's relax" to move the desk. All of those phrases can be attributed to the same height position, or you can assign just one.

To activate a voice command, Apple users will say "Hey Siri" and Android users will say "NewHeights Listen" before speaking the command.