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Sue Schultz 3/10/2022 1 min read

Purchasing RightAngle Products

K & A Manufacturing, a privately owned, family run business, manufactures RightAngle Products.

RightAngle Distribution Team

We distribute our products through a geographical network of representatives and dealers who sell to customers in their areas.

Our network of dealers has RightAngle product knowledge and pricing and serves customers and develop relationships in their communities.

The network of representatives and dealers serves customers through sharing their knowledge of RightAngle products. Those communications develop relationships in their communities.

Helping determine what product is right for you becomes easier by relying on their product knowledge. They'll also present many options available for each product.

Buying Options

If you prefer purchasing online, we recommend several e-commerce retailers who sell directly to you.

RightAngle dealers play an important role in helping us build and maintain close relationships with customers and gain insights into how we can improve our products and better serve our customers.

Feel free to contact our Customer Service team, and we will help you find a local dealer in your area or help you select an e-commerce retailer right for you. Call us at 800.298.4351 or email us at

Becoming a RightAngle Dealer

Visit: to find the New Dealer Form, Credit Application & Credit Card Authorization Forms.

By completing and submitting the information to us, you will start the process of becoming a part of the RightAngle family.