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Bill Knighton3/10/20223 min read

A Desktop Converter That Will Change How You Work

Based on what's advertised, you may be inclined to think there is only one desktop converter on the market. In fact, there is a multitude of varieties to choose. The Helium Surface, from RightAngle Products, is one option to merit serious consideration.

In this article, we introduce our Helium Surface to you, share some pros and cons, and using our installation video, show you what we're talking about.

Video: Helium Surface Installation

Featuring Bill Knighton, here is the installation video for our Helium Surface.

Helium Surface

The Helium Surface is a desktop converter, also referred to a desktop sit to stand. As mentioned previously, there is no such thing as the perfect product. The Helium Surface is an excellent tool, but it too has its pros and cons.




Helium Surface: Pros

Small Spaces

The Helium Surface works well in tight places, such as if a workstation is as tiny as 24-inches deep.

Easy Installation

Installation of the Helium Surface is a breeze. After opening the box, remove the Helium Surface from the packing material and place it on your work surface. Add your computer accessories, and in no time you are ready to go.



Easy to Operate

Operating the Helium Surface is as simple as squeezing two paddles and lifting. Because it is gas-assisted, The Helium Surface stops where you want it to stay.

Slip Prevention

On the bottom of the Helium Surface are clear, rubber glides. These glides serve two functions: they hold the unit in place and prevents the Helium Surface from marring your work surface.



Tilting Feature

Below, in the Con section, we list the difficulty people over 6'2" have with a proper, ergonomic position for their arms. To offset some of these issues, the Helium Surface features a keyboard that adjusts its angle by 20° (-10°/+10°).


Even when the Helium Surface is in the highest position, it is exceptionally sturdy while only taking up 24-inches of your workspace.



Helium Surface: Cons

Not Flat to Work Surface

The platform of the Helium Surface sits about 3/4 inch up from the work surface, so it is not entirely ergonomically correct.

No Monitor Height Options


With the basic Helium Surface, there is no way to adjust the height of a monitor. However, our Hover Arm System provides flexibility with the monitor height.

Ergonomic Issues for Taller People

A person taller than 6'2" has difficulty with proper ergonomic arm positioning; specifically keeping them parallel to the floor. However, the tilting feature on the Helium Surface helps correct the issues with a tall person and their arms.


  • Comes completely assembled and requires no tools for installation
  • Compact footprint easily fits onto a 24-inch deep desk
  • Gas assisted height adjustment featuring quiet and infinite height positioning through 13.8-inches
  • A large primary work surface can be extended 20-inches above the desk
  • The principal work surface is large enough to fit two 24-inch monitors, an Apple® iMac®, a monitor arm, or a laptop
  • Grommet mount opening on the primary work surface allows for cable management or mounting a monitor arm
  • 20° (-10°/+10°) of keyboard ergonomic tilt
  • Tested to 15,000 cycles
  • Capacity: 35 pounds
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Two-year warranty
  • Lead Time: 10 business days

Contact RightAngle Products

For more information about the Helium Surface, visit our website. For questions, contact us:

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