The appreciation for a desk drawer grows when you no longer have one. Adjustable height desks represent a substantial investment, yet desk storage seems an afterthought. Meet RightAngle’s Joey Pedestal, the answer to that afterthough.

The Joey Pedestal is a versatile storage solution with a lockable pencil and file drawer that attaches to your height adjustable desk. No matter the height of your sit to stand desk, the items stored inside the Joey are an easy reach away.

The Joey Pedestal works with 24-inch and 30-inch NewHeights electric adjustable height desks, including:

In fact, the Joey works with almost any desk, providing there is ample mounting space. The lifting capacity for the Joey Pedestal is 30 pounds but verify the lifting capacity of your table before adding significant weight.

Learn more about the Joey Pedestal and other storage options by visiting RA Answers, our blog.

Add storage and flexibility to your desk.
  • A pedestal that attaches to your height adjustable desk.
  • Large file drawer for standard hanging files or personal items.
  • Lockable pencil and file drawer.
  • Full extension drawer slides.
  • Works with 24” and 30” electric height adjustable NewHeights: Elegante XT, Eficiente LT, Bonita ET.
  • Pedestal: 12-1/4” W × 14-7/8” D × 16-5/8” H
  • Top Drawer: 9-1/2” W × 13-1/4” D × 2-1/4” H
  • Bottom Drawer: 10” W × 13” D × 10” H
  • Mounting clearance: 12-1/4" W × 15" "D
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Weight Capacity 30 pounds (verify lifting capacity of your table)
Base Colors
XPES310BF Joey 2.0 Hanging Box/File Pedestal (Black or Silver), Micro, Flat Metal Front w/Side Pulls, Reinforced Base (attaches to your height adjustable desk) $429