NewHeights Mobile App

NewHeights Mobile App FAQs

NewHeights by RightAngle is an app that allows NewHeights users to control their desk directly from their mobile device. The app leverages voice control and Bluetooth technology, allowing you to change the height of your standing desk with a customizable voice command. Other features also include: four programmable desk heights, custom notifications from Activity Assistant to remind you to change positions, ability to pair with more than one workstation, auto-connect, and much more.

The app is only compatible with NewHeights desks that are equipped with the new Bluetooth control boxes. Conference tables and desks with more than 3 columns are NOT compatible with the voice control feature of the app.

Request the Bluetooth control box for upcoming projects. If you'd like to upgrade to the app-compatible control box for an existing NewHeights desk, please contact Customer Service at

The app is free to download in the iOS app store, but you will have to purchase the app-compatible control box. To purchase, please contact your RightAngle rep or our Customer Service team by calling 800.298.4351 or emailing us at

The NewHeights by RightAngle app will be available in August 2019.

Voice commands for each programmed height position is entirely customizable. You can even associate more than one voice command for the same height position.

Example: For your sitting position, you can program the phrases "sit down," "I want to sit," "sit," or even "let's relax" to move the desk. All of those phrases can be attributed to the same height position, or you can assign just one.

A single user is able to pair with one or more desks, but can only be paired with one desk at a time. The autoconnect feature will connect to a paired desk when your device is within proximity of the bluetooth signal.

You can program up to four different height positions per desk.

The GyroSense Soft Collision technology must remain active when using the app to control your NewHeights desk. This will maintain your safety when using the desk.

The NewHeights by RightAngle app is free to download in the App Store. However, there will be an additional $45 added to the list price for workstations equipped with the app-compatible control box.

For pricing to upgrade a previously purchased desk, please contact Customer Service.

The app will be available to Android users in September 2019.

Currently, the app is only available on the latest version of iOS (12.3.2). We are currently working to make the app available to Android users.