Soft Collision Technology

GyroSense Soft Collision Technology

GyroSense Soft Collision Technology

RightAngle is one of the first manufacturers in the industry to feature the GyroSense sensors. A gyro senses angular velocity and changes in orientation and rotational motion. The GyroSense stops the movement of the desk and reverses course before causing damage.

Many tables prevent collisions during a hard stop, but ours is different. Our GyroSense senses and prevents damage from both hard and soft stops.

What is a soft stop? When a desk hits something soft such as a purse, tissue box, or in this case, Ra.

A hard stop occurs when the desk collides with a filing cabinet, another desk, or an arm on a chair.

When dealing with soft stops, on Ra for example, the difference is dramatic. The GyroSense detects Ra, then stops and reverses the worksurface before anything gets damaged.

Overload relays protect the motor by monitoring current traveling to the motor. If the incoming current exceeds the designed amperage, the overload protection shuts the motor down before any damage occurs.

“We’ve been working towards a soft collision system since we started manufacturing height adjustable desks,” said Bill Knighton, president of RightAngle Products. “The GyroSense dramatically reduces the possibility of damage to your desk and other equipment. Our video highlights the absolute difference between our table with GyroSense technology versus a competitor’s product that uses anti-collision based on amperage.”

“When organizations request information for proposals, they rarely include any safety requirements,” said Knighton. “Low-quality furniture manufacturers cut corners to keep their prices low. As a result, collision safety is an unknown factor in our market. The GyroSense helps eliminate those concerns.”

One Touch - With this upgrade in technology, a One Touch option is also available on our 4-button programmable switch. The One Touch is a touch-and-go feature that automatically adjusts the table to its pre-programmed heights.

The GyroSense technology is now a standard NewHeights™ feature, available on the Elegante, Eficiente, Bonita, and Presidente height adjustable tables.

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