Finish Options

RightAngle™ Finish Options

Our thermally fused 1-1/8” high-density laminate worksurface is available in fourteen colors, which can be paired with any of our nine PVC Flexedge® edgeband colors (or five 4EVERedge™ seamless options - indicated below). Bases offered in silver or black (limited white).

Custom colors and high pressure laminate (HPL) available as special order (may be subject to a cancellation charge). Contact our Customer Service team for details.

Download a printable version of our Finish Options (PDF).

Worksurface Finishes

RightAngle Worksurface Finish Options RightAngle Worksurface Finish Options

Please note an upcharge will apply when selecting the Marker Board (MB) finish. Contact Customer Service for details.

Edgeband Finishes

RightAngle Edgeband Finish Options RightAngle Edgeband Finish Options

Visit our 4EVERedge™ page to learn more about our seamless edgebanding.

Base Finishes

RightAngle Base Finish Options

Standard RightAngle™ Finishes

If not otherwise specified, our edgeband colors will automatically be paired with the worksurfaces listed below.

  • Matching Color Edgeband

    • Black (BK) 
    • Cherry (CH)
    • Galaxy White (GW)
    • Hardrock Maple (HM)
    • Looks Likatre (LT)
    • Mahagony (MY)
    • Stomboli (ST)
    • Walnut (WN)

  • Graphite Edgeband

    • Concrete Groovz (CG)
    • Driftwood (DW)
    • Merapi (ME)
    • Reclamation Maple (LM)

  • Black Edgeband

    • Gray Matrix (GM)

  • White Edgeband

    • Marker Board (MB)

Prefer a visual? Click here to see our standard finish combinations.

How it's Made: RightAngle™ Laminate Worksurfaces

In this video, you'll learn how RightAngle™ manufactures the worksurfaces for our desks and tables.

First, we'll take you through the manufacturing process for the particle board and thermally fused laminate at the Arauco plant in Grayling, MI. Then, go behind-the-scenes to see what happens once Arauco's laminate arrives at the RightAngle™ Products factory. There, you'll see how we design and manufacture worksurfaces for our standing desks and tables.

Still have questions about how we make our desk tops? Contact us at or 800.298.4351.

Care & Maintenance

Find technical bulletins and how to care for your finishes by visiting our Care and Maintenance page.