4EVERedge Seamless Edgebanding

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Beautiful. Durable. Cleanable.

Choose RightAngle™ 4EVERedge™ to prolong the life of your worksurface and safeguard worker wellness. This zero-joint edge technology creates a permanent seamless edge, eliminating the ugly glue line that can capture bacteria and dirt.

4EVERedge vs Traditional Edgebanding4EVERedge™ Features

  • State-of-the art hot air technology creates a permanent superior finish that is virtually invisible. For rectangular worksurfaces.
  • Hygienically clean. Can be washed with domestic cleaning agents.
  • Seam-free edge offers increased aesthetic appeal and is resistant to solvents, dirt, heat and moisture.
  • Eco-Friendly! Edge material is made of Polypropylene and is fully recyclable, halogen free, odorless, physiologically harmless and burns clean.
  • Impervious to staining and higher UV resistance to fading.
  • Features a precision edge for an optimum joint quality with maximum adhesion.

Putting 4EVERedge™ to the Test

With the introduction of this innovative adhesive-free technology, 4EVERedge™ creates a permanent invisible seam, providing the highest degree of resistance to heat and moisture. In a 30 minute steam test, the 4EVERedge™ joints between board & edgebanding and edgebanding & edgebanding withheld ascending temperatures up to 150º C before showing signs of separation.

4EVERedge Heat Test

Cleaning Recommendations

Special plastic cleaners are recommended for cleaning 4EVERedge™ edgebands. The use of substances containing solvents and alcohol is strongly advised against. Chemically resistant to household cleaners; follow directions on products utilized.

4EVERedge™ Finish Options

4EVERedge™ edgebanding is available in Hardrock Maple, Cherry, Graphite, Black, and White. All of these edgeband colors can be paired with any of our 14 laminate high-pressure finishes (Hadrock Maple, Stromboli, Mahogany, Cherry, Black, Galaxy White, Driftwood, Concrete Groovz, Merapi, Reclamation Maple, Gray Matrix, Marker Board, Walnut, and Looks Likatre) or special orders.

Some of our most popular combinations include:

4EVERedge Finish Options

Have finish questions? Learn more about our Finish Options or contact Customer Service.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

If 4EVERedge™ (2mm Polypropylene edgebanding) covered by this warranty delaminates due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair the product, without charge, or replace it, at our discretion. Only original, unaltered and unmodified materials and workmanship are covered by this policy. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use. Costs incurred due to product replacement such as installation, labor charges or transportation are not covered under this warranty. Product service life is 15 years.