Laminate Colors

Laminate Surface Colors (3mm edge banding)

Thermally-fused 1-1/8” laminate worksurface available in ten colors. Coordinating edge banding. High-pressure laminate and custom colors available (may be subject to a cancellation charge).
*Gray Matrix has black edge banding
**Driftwood has Graphite edge banding

Click here to see laminate and edge banding colors.

Thermally Fused Laminate Technical Bulletin
High Pressure Laminate Technical Bulletin

thumbWhite (GW) large White
Gray MatrixGray Matrix (GM) largeGray Matrix
BlackBlack (BK) largeBlack
Natural OakDriftwood (DW) largeDriftwood
Hardrock MapleHardrock Maple (HM) largeHardrock Maple
PearwoodPearwood (PW) largePearwood
CherryCherry (CH) largeCherry
MahoganyMahogany (MY) largeMahogany
MacchiatoMacchiato (MO) largeMacchiato

Worksurface - Edge Banding Colors

Laminate colors

Base Colors

Base Colors

Quickship Options Quickship Finish Options*

Quickship Finish Options
*Quickship finish options only available on standard 24” configurations

Driftwood Worksurface

Driftwood Worksurface